P90 Phase 1 of 3 Complete!

30-Day Progress Photo

P90 4 Weeks Progress Photo

What a weekend! First I completed my first Facebook fitness group called Jump into July!. I offered free coaching, daily workouts, and healthy recipes, and together me and the participants checked in daily to keep each other motivated and accountable. It was only a 5-day group, but my friend Liz who participated said she really …

Do you BuJo?

The Analog System for the Digital Age

Bullet Journal Key

I recently (like a week ago today) got into bullet journaling (or BuJo for short). If you haven’t heard of a bullet journal, it’s basically a notebook system that’s the ultimate to-do list, planner, note taker, etc. The original concept is quite simplified; however, if you merely search Pinterest or search #bujo on Instagram, you’re …