10 Rounds Review + Before & After

10 Rounds

Six weeks ago I blogged about my post-cruise and early quarantine weight gain. I knew I needed a fresh start, so I decided to buy into Beachbody’s newest boxing program, 10 Rounds. 10 Rounds is a 6-week program consisting of 3 boxing workouts, 2 weightlifting days, and 2 rest days. Ordinarily this program is completely outside my comfort zone, but after doing the sample workout and surprisingly enjoying it, I decided to go all in.

In addition to committing to a new workout program, I also recommitted my nutrition to Ultimate Portion Fix (UPF). No more tracking calories, no more tracking macros. Solely relying on the color-coded container system and timed-nutrition.

portion control containers

Let me tell you… Not having to count calories and macros after a year of tracking every minor intake of food was one of the best decisions I made in quarantine. UPF alleviated that stress in my life!

Now onto 10 Rounds…

As mentioned, 10 Rounds consists of 3 boxing workouts, 2 weightlifting days, and 2 rest days. The rest days can be taken whenever. Each week introduces a new level of boxing (see below). Weightlifting consists of an upper body day and a lower body day, alternating each week. The weightlifting exercises stay the same, but the rep scheme changes week to week.

  • Week 1 you learn the punches: 1s and 2s (jabs and right crosses), 3s and 4s (left hook, right hook), and 5s and 6s (left uppercut, right uppercut).
  • Week 2 you add in “slips”, and OH HOLY OBLIQUES!
  • Week 3 introduces “fans”, which threw me for a loop at first, but eventually I got the hang of.
  • Week 4 introduces “levels”.
  • Week 5 introduces “pivots”, which I didn’t care for.
  • Week 6 ties everything in.

Don’t worry about keeping up with the cast. Take each combo at your own pace. I recommend saying the combos out loud to help (you’ll hear the cast say them too).

My Thoughts

I prefer a good weightlifting workout and minimal cardio. Boxing didn’t feel like cardio to me, so that was good, but the lift days could’ve been more. Week one’s lift days were only 27 and 28 minutes. Once you subtract the warmup and end-of-workout core moves, there was really only 20 minutes of weights. This was just not enough for me.

I could tolerate upper body day, but I ended up substituting leg day each week for another Beachbody leg workout. I also incorporated “Booty” from 80 Day Obsession on my second rest day for the first three weeks.

My Results

In 6 weeks I lost 4.4 lbs and 2 inches, which reversed the weight I gained in March, and puts me back to where I was at the beginning of the year.

Not to disrespect the effectiveness of 10 Rounds, but I solely attribute my results to following UPF. I followed Plan A (weight loss) these past 6 weeks, but for months I was more or less eating in Plan C (maintenance), so the calorie deficit obviously worked to shed some pounds.

Will I do 10 Rounds again? Probably not. It’s a great program no doubt, but I need more strength training in my routine. Which is whyyyyyyyy I will be commencing another round of 80 Day Obsession on June 1st. 😃

3 thoughts on “10 Rounds Review + Before & After

  1. I should try these containers again. Do you find you wash them out a lot in each meal setting. I ordered mine off of amazon but I think I should order from Beachbody. I need something to help me get back on track. Imma struggling…….thank you for the inspiration

    1. I have 4 sets of containers. I usually prep my breakfast in them, but mostly use them as measuring cups and use other bigger containers for my meals.

      I truly believe in these containers. If you need help ever containerizing a typical day of eating, I’d love to help!

      1. I guess buying multiple ones makes sense. I am going to buy a new set. When I get them I may reach out for a typical meal planning week from you. I need to refocus again. Thank you

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