6 Months Postpartum

6 Months Old

6 months… 6 months! I can’t believe my little girls are already half a year old! 😩 These past few months have flown by as I’ve learned (and am still learning) how to juggle marriage, work, the dogs, cleaning, exercise, having? a social life, and any extra curricular activities on top of being a mother, which of course the girls are my #1 priority.


I honestly could cry with how quickly my babies are growing. What’s that saying?

Motherhood: The days are long, but the years are short.

Everyone always tells me (especially when they hear I have twins), “it gets easier.” I hate that saying. 😑 I like to take the good with the bad. Being a working mom, my time with the girls during the week is limited. After a long day’s work, all I look forward to is coming home to their smiling faces, yet the reality of it is sometimes I come home and they’re fussy, screaming, and nothing seems to calm them down. On those nights I find myself cuddling them to sleep, and no matter how difficult it may be to finally get them calm, I choose to live in the moment and enjoy my cuddle time. They’re not always going to be this small; they’re not always going to need Mom in this way.

Body After Baby

Yesterday I decided it was time to finally reveal my postpartum progress pictures (see below). The left (March 2017) was taken at 3 months postpartum when I joined a gym and was ready to begin my fit mom journey. The right (June 2017) was taken yesterday. So in between these pictures is “three” months of going to the gym. And I say “three” because let’s not forget I only go on weekends, and I don’t always get to go both Saturday and Sunday.

Tomorrow I will be six months postpartum. Today I thought it was time to finally reveal my first progress pic. It's taken me all the courage I can muster to publish this photo, to bare my loose skin, stretch marks, and all, but I want to be real, and I want to be accountable. Three months ago I commenced my fit mom journey. I joined a gym with daycare because I thought that was the only way I'd get to workout. But being a working mom, going to the gym was really only possible on the weekends, and sometimes I couldn't always go. I never gave working out at home a chance until I discovered Beachbody. I'm now working out at home 6x a week without having to pack up the kids and drive 20 miles one way. I'm loving the feeling of accomplishment, and I only wish I would've started Beachbody sooner. . . #fitmom #twinmom #fittwinmom #fitmominprogress #fitmomintraining #csection #csectionrecovery #postpartum #postpartumworkout #progresspic #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #accountability #fitspiration #6monthspostpartum #bodyafterbaby #bodyafterbabies #bodyaftertwins

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Up until recently becoming a Beachbody coach, my workouts have been inconsistent. Although I had a gym membership, one thing or another seemed to interfere with my workouts. Particularly on Saturdays, I’d get to the gym and a boot camp would be taking place in the area I had planned to workout in. Or I’d forget my water bottle and not “go hard” because I didn’t have anything to hydrate with (even though I could’ve sipped from the water fountain). Or my favorite, I’d get there and draw a blank as to what exercises I actually wanted to do that day. Thankfully now I have a consistent routine at home with P90.


This department is where I’ve been most lax. Because I’m breastfeeding (and woo! I’ve made it to 6 months!), I know calories = milk (to an extent), so I’ve been able to enjoy pretty much anything I want, all within moderation of course. I’m getting back into the habit of utilizing my food scale to measure out my portions, whereas during pregnancy it was a free for all. I’m also trying to get back in the habit of logging my food within Lose It, but because I’m not too concerned with calorie counting due to breastfeeding, logging my food is a hit or miss.

I’m thankful I found Shakeology, which is not only an easy meal replacement for a busy mom, but it helps reduce any of my food cravings that may strike.

Looking Forward to the Next 6 Months

Since I plan to breastfeed until one year, I have no drastic changes I’d like to make to my diet. Once I’ve weaned, I will reevaluate.

Fitness wise, I’m looking forward to completing my full 90 days of P90 (currently on week 2 out of 13) and starting my next program. P90X3 or Focus T25 are high on my list for my next program. As far as the gym, I’m honestly looking to cancel my membership now that I’ve been working out at home with Beachbody. I haven’t gotten too far other than an unanswered email from the gym’s account manager, but I signed a one-year contract, so I may be out of luck.

With the girls, every day is a new adventure. They’re constantly getting stronger (rolling over, wanting to move, starting to sit up) and learning every day. We had their 6 month photos yesterday, which I can’t wait to share when they’re ready, and before I know it I’ll be scheduling their 1-year cake smash session and hosting their birthday. -insert outburst of cry here-

UPDATE: JULY 7, 2017

I received the girls’ 6 month photos yesterday and wanted to share!

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