P90 Phase 1 of 3 Complete!

30-Day Progress Photo

P90 4 Weeks Progress Photo

What a weekend! First I completed my first Facebook fitness group called Jump into July!. I offered free coaching, daily workouts, and healthy recipes, and together me and the participants checked in daily to keep each other motivated and accountable. It was only a 5-day group, but my friend Liz who participated said she really enjoyed checking in daily, reading the other girls’ check-in’s, and just enjoyed herself overall. I’m already planning my next Facebook group, but this will be will a 3-week yoga challenge. If you’re interested in participating, subscribe to my newsletter to stay up-to-date on when I’ll be hosting it.

In other news, I completed my first phase of P90. Four weeks ago I joined Team Beachbody and committed to P90, a 90-day fitness program. Not to be confused with P90X, P90 is a beginner / intermediate program designed for any age or fitness level. While the old me would’ve chosen an intermediate / advanced program, the postpartum me wanted to play it safe and listen to my body. I’ve said it countless times. I lost a lot of muscle during pregnancy, and due to my c-section, my abs were shot. The first phase definitely helped ease me back into working out and regaining some strength. I’m excited for what limits I’ll push myself to during the remaining two phases (I say that now, haha).

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