80 Day Obsession: Week 1 Results

80 Day Obsession

Last week kicked off Beachbody’s hottest new program, 80 Day Obsession, by super trainer Autumn Calabrese, creator of 21 Day Fix. 80 Day Obsession is a 13-week program focused on glute and core training and portion-controlled timed-nutrition. The moment I read all the details on 80 Day Obsession, I literally became obsessed with wanting to do this program. I mean, who doesn’t want flat abs and a round booty?! 🍑

The timing of this program’s launch was perfect too. Not only was it launching in the beginning of the New Year (New Year’s resolutions anyone?), but the beginning of my second year postpartum. I was definitely lax my first year postpartum with nutrition. I used breastfeeding as an excuse as to why I wasn’t going to count calories or “limit” my intake. My motto was calories = milk!

I’m still breastfeeding; however, I’m currently weaning, and my girls are 100% eating solids now, are on whole milk, and only nurse before bedtime and any nighttime feedings. Might I also add though, how wrong I was to think I’d have to limit my food intake with 80 Day Obsession! I will talk more about this later.

So! 80 Day Obsession officially launched last Monday, January 15th. I am privileged to actually be a part of Autumn’s exclusive coaches only test group along with 40,000+ other Beachbody coaches. We are expected to follow the program to a T, nutrition and all.

The Workouts

Prior to pushing play on Day 1, I made sure to complete 80 Day Obsession’s introductory program A Little Obsessed so I would have a general idea of what I was getting myself into. 80 Day Obsession’s weekly workout schedule for phase one is:

  • Monday: Total Body Core
  • Tuesday: Booty
  • Wednesday: Cardio Core
  • Thursday: AAA (Arms, Abs, & A**)
  • Friday: Legs
  • Saturday: Cardio Flow
  • Sunday: Rest Day / Foam Rolling and/or Stretching

I loved every workout except Cardio Core. 😂 I am not a cardio person whatsoever. My main struggle with Cardio Core, and it was the same during A Little Obsessed, was I had a hard time maintaining my endurance and keeping up. I’m not ashamed to admit I took breaks and modified as needed. I’m hoping by the end of this program my endurance for cardio improves.

The Nutrition

portion control containersBeachbody’s portion-control containers are used in this program, which help make following the eating plans simple. The focus is timed-nutrition, which means eating particular food groups at certain times to maximize the results of the workouts.

In the starter guide, you’re asked to calculate your calorie target to determine which eating plan you will be following for the first phase. I am following the lowest plan, Plan A (1,200–1,499 calories), so that’s what I will be talking about in this particular blog post.

In Plan A, I am allowed:

80 day obsession eating plan a

  • 4 green (vegetables)
  • 4 purple (fruits)
  • 4 reds (protein)
  • 2 yellows (carbs)
  • 1 blue (healthy fats)
  • 1 orange (seeds & dressings)
  • 3 teaspoons (oils & nut butters)

There are five meal options to eat throughout the day, and each option has particular containers that are not to be moved around to other meal options. Two out of the five meal options are specifically to be eaten around your workout (pre-workout meal and post-workout meal), so the other three options are in your hands as to when you want to eat them.

80 day obsession eating plan a meal options

In all honesty, this makes following the eating plan super easy. You’re literally told here, these are the meals with what colored containers; fit them into your day. Tough love? Absolutely. But as Autumn says, if you want her results from this program, you should be following Autumn’s instructions.

Because I do my workouts after the girls are in bed, I’m timing my pre-workout and post-workout meals in the evening. My meal plan this past week looked similar to the following, and I don’t see it changing too much.

  • Breakfast – Shakeology with cashew milk and 1/2 frozen banana slices
  • Lunch – Turkey slices, cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes, and olives
  • Afternoon Snack – Cucumbers and feta cheese
  • Dinner / Pre-Workout Meal – Chicken, sweet potatoes with a teaspoon of butter, and broccoli + Energize pre-workout supplement
  • Workout
  • Post-Workout Supplement – Recover post-workout supplement blended with 1/2 frozen banana (tastes like an Orange Julius!)
  • Post-Workout Meal – Cucumbers, cottage cheese, and peas in olive oil & garlic

The way these meal options are designed, I surprisingly never find myself hungry, though I always look forward to the next meal. 😋 I feel less bloated and overall just feel better about myself.

Week 1 Results

Autumn strongly discourages the scale because we all know it’s only just a number. In fact, many participants from the original test group of this program didn’t lose much weight at all, but instead lost inches, body fat, and gained muscle.

I have a body fat scale, so I do choose to weigh myself. After one week of doing this program and 90% sticking to the nutrition (I had a few slip ups 🙈), I’m happy to report a loss of 0.4 lbs, 0.1% body fat, and 1.5″. And like I said, I feel less bloat and overall just feel better!

I’m excited to complete the remaining 12 weeks and can only imagine my results. My goal going into this program was to tone up, lean out, and hopefully tighten my postpartum “mummy tummy”. I’m thankful to be a part of not only Autumn’s test group, but my own challenge group where my team and I can help hold each other accountable. I know if everyone else is sticking to the nutrition, why can’t I?

So stay tuned! Not sure if I’m going to update my thoughts on the program every week, but at least at the end of each phase, so in 3 more weeks I’ll for sure recap phase one. Stay tuned!

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