Easter Basket Ideas for a 2 Year Old

easter basket ideas for a 2 year old

With Easter just around the corner, I’m here to share my annual Easter basket gift ideas for 2 year olds. Be sure to also check out my 3 month old and 1 year old editions.

A Summer Outfit

Like previous years, the girls are each getting an outfit for summer. They’ve basically outgrown 24 months and are now into 2T, which means I need to completely overhaul their entire closet.

babydoll top with shorts
narwhal top with shorts

2. Sandals

Of course a summer outfit isn’t complete without some sandals! I bought these same ones last year in a different color and loved them, so I was happy to find them again this year.

cork sandals

3. Swimsuits with Matching Flip Flops

They’ll also be getting super cute swimsuits with matching flip flops. We have a family vacation to Universal Studios later this year that they’ll need swimsuits for. I opted for 2-piece swimsuits as I anticipate we’ll be potty training.

Beyond clothes, the girls will also each get an Easter related book, and this is the first year I’m including candy in their baskets. I also bought plastic eggs to fill with jelly beans to hide around the house for their own Easter egg hunt.

So there you have it! A summer outfit with shoes, swimsuit with matching flip flops, a book, and some candy coming in at ~$60 per kid. Originally I only planned to spend $50, which honestly doesn’t get you very much. The swimsuits weren’t part of my original idea list, but they were on sale and too good (and cute) to pass up.

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