My 3-Day Refresh Cleanse Results

3-Day Refresh kit

Yesterday I completed my first 3-Day Refresh®, a simple cleanse from Beachbody (which side note, I’m now a Beachbody Coach again!*). I’ve tried other 3-day cleanses in the past such as the Military Diet (don’t do it) and Suja juice cleanse, but never was able to complete them. Unlike other popular short-term cleanses that leave you feeling weak, hungry, and sluggish, the 3-Day Refresh is designed to improve the way you feel without starving yourself.

Other short-term cleanses often provide incomplete nutrition promoting muscle loss instead of fat loss and can cause a rebound due to the lack of adequate protein, low fiber, and/or high sugar levels. While the 3-Day Refresh is a low-calorie program (~900 calories a day), it’s high in both protein and fiber to keep you satiated throughout the day.

Why a Cleanse?

The 3-Day Refresh is said to fast-track your weight loss, kick-start healthy eating, and get a clean break from bad nutrition habits. Before the cleanse I seemed to have had more off-the-wagon days than on with my nutrition, and I could recognize it, but couldn’t seem to regain control. My friend / accountability partner had done the Refresh in the past, and had another kit on hand to do it again. We were planning to do the Refresh together in another month after we had completed our current round of 80 Day Obsession (because you’re not suppose to workout on the cleanse besides yoga or light exercise), but I text her that I felt like I needed to do it sooner than later. I was getting discouraged by my own self-sabotage and knew I needed a reset.

We decided to take a week off from 80 Day to do the cleanse and rest our bodies from intense workouts. We planned to do the cleanse Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this past week.

Getting Started

When you order a 3-Day Refresh® Kit, you get:

  • 3 packages of Shakeology, which you’ll have for breakfast each day with a piece of fruit
  • 6 packets of Vanilla Fresh, a protein shake you’ll have twice a day for lunch and dinner along with vegetables, fruit, and a healthy fat (depending on the meal)
  • 3 packets of Fiber Sweep, a digestive health drink you’ll have mid-morning
  • Program Guide to explain how the cleanse works, how to prep, etc.
  • Maintenance Guide to advise how to maintain your results
3-Day Refresh Kit

It’s important to read through the program guide, plan your meals, and grocery shop for the 3 days so you’re prepared.

The Meal Plan

While ~900 calories a day can seem daunting, the meal plan definitely keeps you satiated. I truly never felt hungry all 3 days.


Shakeology is the first meal of the day. Because I take thyroid medication though, products containing calcium such as Shakeology should be taken at least 4 hours before or after thyroid hormone replacement. I typically never have Shakeology for breakfast because of this timing. But for the cleanse I would set my alarm for 4 AM to take my pill so I could make it work. I’d then go back to sleep until I absolutely had to get up for work. Word to the wise, sleep in as long as you can and go to bed as early as you can during this cleanse. The less hours you’re awake, the less likely you’ll experience hunger.

Fiber Sweep

So 8 AM I’d have my Shakeology and 10 AM I’d do the Fiber Sweep. Everyone’s advice for the Fiber Sweep is to make it as cold as possible and chug. I agree. Though the first two days I did it with ice, and the ice kind of got in the way. The last day I drank it with just cold water and that was tolerable enough.


Around 12 or 12:30 I’d make my lunch: a Vanilla Fresh shake with fruit, a vegetable, and a healthy fat. You’re allowed to blend the fruit into the shake; however, my friend recommended to eat it separately so that you feel like you’re eating more food, which I agree.


2:30 PM I’d have my mid-afternoon snack, another veggie and healthy fat.


Around 5 PM I’d have my last meal, another Vanilla Fresh shake plus one of the dinner recipes in the program guide. You are allowed an optional vegetable broth, though I didn’t do that.

My Experience

It’s funny because before the 3-Day Refresh even commenced, I told my friend, “Maybe eventually I’ll do the Ultimate Reset,” a 21-day cleanse from Beachbody. As soon as I was into day two of the 3-Day Refresh though, I was contracting my statement. 😂

Day one went well. I even did the accompanying yoga workout.

Day two was probably my “worst” day. I seemed to be more irritable, and I longed for a real meal that didn’t involve shakes. I jokingly asked my friend what happens if we go off plan, to which she replied, “DON’T DO IT.”

By day three, I figured if I had gotten this far, I might as well push through. Day three wasn’t bad, though I was literally counting down the hours until my glorious morning latte and a real breakfast.

My Results

While I didn’t take before and after pictures, I at least recorded my weight. I started at 140.8 lbs, which I hated that I was creeping back into the 140’s. After day one of the 3-Day Refresh though, I had lost 2 lbs (138.8). After day two I lost another 1.2 lbs (137.6). And after all three days I lost another 1.2 lbs (136.4) for a grand total of 4.4 lbs lost.

Granted, I’ll likely gain half of that back in water weight. The important next step post-cleanse is to keep from falling off the wagon. Thankfully I have Ultimate Portion Fix and the accompanying Monthly Fix membership and support group to guide me.

I have to tell you though, after following Ultimate Portion Fix today one day post-cleanse and getting some carbs back in me, I felt fantastic! I was going to wait until Monday to resume 80 Day Obsession, but I decided to get back on track tonight, and man! The amount of energy and clarity I had through the hour long workout was proof that this cleanse had fulfilled its purpose. It helped me break the bad nutrition habits I had let pile on.

Will I do it again?

It’s hard to say. 😂 I guess never say never. Yesterday I would’ve said no. Today being down basically 4 1/2 lbs and getting some carbs back in me, I’m a much happy camper, and I obviously see the positive effects. The 3-Day Refresh can serve as a regular monthly “tune-up”, a quarterly cleanse, or as needed. If I were to do it again, I think it’d definitely have to be with the support of a friend again, to which I say thank you Meagan!

*Back to my earlier note, I signed back up as a Beachbody Coach (distributor) a month ago. When I quit coaching two years ago, I never quit Beachbody as a customer. I’ve still wholeheartedly believed in, used, and promoted their programs and products. I decided to sign back up as a coach not only for the discount, but to hopefully change someone else’s life like Beachbody has changed mine, be that fitness, nutrition, or by mentoring others.

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