Don’t Stop Just Because It’s The Weekend

Peanut Butter on Toast with Chia Seeds and Banana

Yesterday I had a day off from work due to Good Friday. This allowed me to squeeze in an extra workout for the weekend, which is fantastic considering I’m loosing out on going tomorrow since it’s Easter. My best friend / workout buddy Breanne also had the day off, so we took a Gluteus MAXout class at my gym. This was the first class I’ve participated in since joining a couple weeks ago. The class description was:

Get stronger, leaner legs and bring on the booty. This fat-burning workout uses progressive strength sets to tone your backside and turn the whole muscle group into a powerful asset.

And boy, Am. I. Sore. We did a lot of squats and some resistance band training. I hadn’t really ever worked with resistance bands before, so it was nice to learn new ways to work my muscles. By the end of the class, our legs were jelly, and I know I’ll be feeling the burn for many days to come.

Then this morning Breanne and I had an hour personal training session. Because our legs were still sore, we requested an upper body workout. While I did enjoy yesterday’s class, I’d much rather strength train than take a class / do cardio. Having taken a 9-month hiatus from the gym when I was pregnant, my muscles / strength are definitely in need of improvement.

Peanut Butter on Toast with Chia Seeds and Banana
Peanut Butter on Toast with Chia Seeds and Banana

When I got home from the gym today, I made myself a new meal / post workout snack: peanut butter on toast with chia seeds and sliced banana. I’ve always had all of the ingredients on hand, just never made this. It was actually quite delicious and something I’ll definitely put into rotation. Only 340 calories with 10.8g protein and 6.5g fiber.

Anyone else get in a good workout this weekend? I’m glad I’m skipping tomorrow; my muscles are in desperate need of recovery. In reality I’ve only gone to the gym I think 5 times since rejoining, so my body is still getting used to working out again. I have a lot of catching up to do.

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