Quick Mommy Makeup Routine

Quick Mommy Makeup Routine

When I was pregnant, the fatigue was unreal. Most work days I’d set my alarm late enough to give me just enough time to tame my hair and brush my teeth. The desire (and necessity!) to sleep overpowered “putting on my face.” BUT! Of course going without makeup leads to, “you look tired,” aka, “you look like crap.”

no makeup meme

Although I’m no longer battling pregnancy fatigue, I now battle getting ready for work without interruptions. While I wake up early enough to give myself plenty of time, if a baby needs to be fed and/or changed during “me time”, sacrifices are made to mom’s routine. And at least once a week Hubby has to go into work early leaving me to get ready by myself until my babysitter arrives. No matter how hard I pray they’ll sleep until I’m done, at least one of them always wakes up right after me. This morning it was both of them, and I was in the middle of pumping. 😑

On days like today, I opt for a much simpler makeup routine since I’m short on time. I skip priming, contouring, eye shadow palettes, finishing powders, and lip stick, and instead I opt for the basics.

Quick Mommy Makeup Routine

  • Moisturizer
  • BB cream
  • Single shade of eye shadow (optional)
  • Eye liner
  • Single coat of mascara

And I may choose to complete “the look” with chapstick because I’m fancy like that. 💁

I know these photos aren’t drastically different, and my subpar photography and lighting skills don’t help with the comparison, but the photo on the left was definitely one of my better days. I’m not one to take selfies unless I know I look good 😉 Today’s selfie was strictly for this blog post.

And I know, I know, no one needs makeup, but it’s fun and I love it! Makeup is art, beauty is spirit.

I believe all women are pretty without makeup—but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.Bobbi Brown

Do you have a quick fallback makeup routine? Please share! I’d love to hear!

UPDATE: APRIL 20, 2017

Today Hubby has the day off from work, so mom got to take her time getting ready 💁 I decided to take a before & after for funsies.

makeup just for fun

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    1. Thank you! And I love this moisturizer too! A skincare specialist at Sephora recommended it to me years ago. Next I need a recommendation on a good night cream.

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