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Aeroflow Breastpumps
Breastpump Insurance QualificationComplete Aeroflow's qualification form and get a breast pump covered through your insurance. Aeroflow will contact your insurance to verify coverage, request a prescription from your doctor, and provide you with a selection of breast pumps your insurance covers and/or you can upgrade to.
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FreemieConcealable hands-free breast pumping. Perfect for pumping in the car! Read my blog post review. You can buy Freemie at or on Amazon.
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UpSpring’s Milkflow™ Fenugreek and Bleesed Thistle Power Berry Drink MixRead my product review and how this drink mix helped increase my milk supply by nearly 10 oz a day! You can buy the product on Amazon.
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Products Just for Twins

Twin Z Pillow
Twin Z PillowThe Twin Z Pillow is where it’s at! Not only can you use it for nursing, but even if you’re bottle feeding, you can prop both babies on the pillow and hold the bottle to each. This pillow kept my babies comfortable for the first months until they got too squirmy.
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