Freemie Product Review

Concealable Hands-Free Breast Pumping

Freemie Product Review

Pumping… Expressing breast milk. However you want to say it. If you breastfeed, pumping comes with the territory. Assuming you use an electric pump, one of the best accessories you can buy is a breast pump bra. Pumping hands-free is definitely the way to go! 🙌 Though when you think of hands-free pumping, you probably ... Continue Reading

How I Increased My Milk Supply by Nearly 10 oz a Day


You may remember me stressing about my milk supply the other week. I’m so blessed I’ve been able to exclusively breastfeed my twins who are now four months old, but being a working mom and pumping at work is the most challenging part of continuing to breastfeed. God forbid I miss a pump session; I ... Continue Reading